Rebooting the VGM article series

Hey fellow composers and game developers,

After being neglectful of my article series „Thoughts on Video Game Music“ for far too long, I've decided to give it a complete overhaul. My goal is to make it an interesting read for both VGM composers who'd like to improve their craft as well as for developers who'd like to get a close look at how composers work.

Some topics I'd like to cover are:

  • Acquiring freelance jobs/ Promoting yourself / Proper communication / Writing contracts

  • Equipment and software choices

  • Mixing and mastering tips (e.g. mastering for mobile devices)

  • How to analyze and tackle different musical styles, with examples

  • Applicable music theory

That said, I definitely need your support!

So tell me what topic you're most interested in and what you'd like to read about. It can be any of the items in the list, or something entirely different. Just send me a tweet or take part in the discussion on and TIGSource – I want this series to be open for your ideas, opinions and experiences.

Many thanks in advance - Let's make something cool happen!