Thoughts on Video Game Music, Part I

Surprisingly enough, there aren't many articles about video game music on the internet. There are probably a number of reasons for this, one being that magicians don't like to show how their tricks work.

Well, at the risk of putting myself out of work, I've decided to put some thoughts on this topic down and share them with you. This might be interesting if you're a composer yourself, but it should also prove informative for game producers who would like to gain an insight how to communicate with their contract musicians more efficiently.

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Thoughts on Video Game Music, Part II

Welcome back.

I got a lot of constructive feedback on the last article, in particular by Nathan Madsen, who some of you may know as the Music and Sound moderator over at I asked him if I may quote some of his points throughout this series and he agreed. Thanks Nate!

Most of you, Nathan included, wished for a more detailed take on things. I will do my best to make the contents of the following articles more informative while keeping it intelligible to aspiring musicians and developers.

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